Brake line

ABS can supply all sizes of copper and copper nickel (cunifer) brake linings from stock.

Brake linings withstand the high pressure that builds up inside the brake system many times a day. Together with the comprehensive range of coupling nuts and nipples which ABS stocks, all brake parts can be combined to create a complete and reliable brake system.

ABS can supply copper brake linings as well as the copper nickel variant. Both types can be used together in the same brake system. Copper is softer and so easier to shape. This property has a drawback however - copper brake linings crush more easily than linings made from copper nickel. As its name suggests, a copper nickel brake linings are made from an alloy of copper and nickel and is a lot sturdier than copper linings.

Copper nickel brake linings are harder to shape and special tools are needed for bending. On the other hand these linings will last longer and will also retain their original appearance for longer because copper nickel hardly corrodes. This is why genuine car enthusiasts often decide to fit copper nickel brake linigs. 

The price of brake linigs is closely linked to the price of copper on the world market, so prices can often vary. When the commodity price of copper rises then so do the prices of brake linings, and conversely the prices of linings will fall when the market price goes down.

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