ABS has a long tradition when it comes to producing catalogues. These works of reference have been a mainstay for many an auto enthusiast since our early beginnings, providing information that is clear, concise, accurate and complete. 

ABS has developed five catalogues to help you locate just the right component among the 34,000 or so different products:

  • Dry brake parts
  • Hydraulic brake parts
  • Cables
  • Steering and suspension parts
  • Wheel bearing kits and ABS sensors

Dry brake parts

This catalogue contains the full range of dry brake parts. It is of course full of brake pads, brake shoes, brake discs and brake drums, not to mention assembly kits. This is a standard work of reference which no automotive professional can afford to omit from his collection. 

Hydraulic brake parts 

Together with dry brake parts, the necessary hydraulic components are an integral part of any safe brake system. This catalogue contains a comprehensive range of brake calipers and matching brake hoses. You will find brake master cylinders, wheel cylinders, brake pipes and brake fluid in this catalogue. It rounds off the hydraulic package with a complete listing of all main and slave clutch cylinders clearly arranged by vehicle type. As well as clearly grouping parts by vehicle type, the catalogue gives additional information about the lengths and dimensions of the products to assist in the choice of the right component.


Cables still occupy an important place in our range. As well as handbrake cables, ABS can also supply clutch cables, throttle cables and even choke and trailer cables. Of course these products are documented in the familiar ABS way to help you find the right article number quickly and easily.

Steering and Suspension Parts

This catalogue gives a clear overview of the various steering and suspension products per auto type. Each component is clearly illustrated, so comparing the old and the new part is child's play. To make selecting the correct article number even easier, the product illustrations are grouped in the same way as they are fitted to the vehicle.  

Wheel bearing kits and ABS sensors

The wheel bearings and ABS sensors are the latest addition to the ABS product package. This unique catalogue combines Wheel bearing kits with ABS sensors and wheel hub nuts in one catalogue. Very well laid out with all the information you need to find the right part.

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