External digital catalogue systems

In addition to its well-known PDF catalogues and website, ABS brake parts, steering and suspension parts and wheel bearings can be found in the digital catalogues of Aldoc, TecAlliance and Autocat.

Aldoc is an electronic catalogue of automotive components and their prices that is widely used in the Netheralnds, with technical informatio, workshop opening hours and illustrations. As a wholesales, you can specify in the user menu that ABS is your preferred supplier. Aldoc will often integrated seamlessly with your own software package. Each month ABS transmits its newest data to Aldoc, so Aldoc users are kept up-to-date at all times. 

ABS also supplies data to TecAlliance, one of the leading catalogue systems at European level. The data of TecAlliance is updated monthly.

For the UK and Ireland, Autocat is the preferred catalogue used in the market. Naturally, ABS makes sure that up to dat information can also be found in this catalogue.

You will need to sign a contract with these companies to gain access.

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