ABS Web portal changelog

ABS constantly adds new features to its web portal in order to make it easier to find the correct part and to get it efficiently to the desired destination.

Below you’ll find chronological ordered  list of changes we have made.



  • Excel-attachment packing list in notification section
  • Improved packing list notification service


  • Added ‘download pricelist’ functionality, including option to include article master data with the download


  • Added extended dropship-functionality to the shopping basket at checkout.
  • Added dropshipment functionality in the API. If a dropshipment-agreement is in place, you can directly send articles to 26 countries, a possibility to receive shipping cost information before placing an order.
  • New function in API (packinglist/list) to request packing list information, including track&trace hyperlink


  • API now has packing list function, offering real-time packing list information on your current and previous orders.



  • Added STOCK – ARTICLES function to the API. This functions allows to send a list of articlenumbers in one call to get stock information
  • View packing list info in the ‘My account’ section under ‘My packing slips’, including a hyperlink with track&trace info (if available).
  • Added functionality to return articles that may have been ordered in error or calipers that can be returned to claim the deposit-value  to the ‘My account’ section under ‘Return products’


  • API order/create function now has and extended callback to include pricing and (tax, deposit) order totals.
  • API now has productClientNote field in the orderlines in the order/create function, allowing customers to add a reference to their orderliness which will be returned in reverse messages (in development)

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