Return policy

To process your return as quickly as possible we kindly request your to file your claim according to the procedure described below:

  • New parts can be returned within 3 weeks after delivery
  • All new parts have to be returned in the original packaging
  • Old caliper cores can only be returned using the ‘Back in box’ procedure
  • Repair kits, fitting kits, cups, brake line tubes, wear indicators and ABS sensors cannot be returned
  • The  return form has to be filled out completely
  • After receiving your claim you will always receive a confirmation from ABS with an unique RMA-number.

Requirement for shipment:

  • Clearly put the RMA number on EVERY package/pallet
  • One RMA per package/pallet
  • Put a copy of the confirmation you received from ABS in the package

By clicking on the link below you can download the return request form:

Send a completed form preferably to e-mail: or by fax: +31 30 6861 251.

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